Peace for Ukraine


Dear openminded Norwegians,

As you may have seen in the media lately, the situation in our home-country (Ukraine) is very unstable and uncertain. Being overwhelmed by the hardness of the violence (over 75 people killed so far), we decided to start a musical tour as an Initiative for Peace and a humble attempt to solve this problem through music. Later we would like to step this campaign up and make an initiative like John Lennon did during the Vietnam War with the project "Give Peace A Chance".

Our hearts are now filled with great pain and sorrow after the situation in Ukraine. In Ukraine it is a very bad economical and cultural situation now, and we are asking for your help and support to keep our people's spirits up.

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"Very improvised conditions during the 2013-14 protest demonstrations in Ukraine"
Atmasfera playing to “warm up” the “sea of people” in the freezing cold weather in the streets of Kiev and Lviv.

We believe, the reason for such conflicts (not only in Ukraine, but most places also) was described perfectly by E.F. Schumacher when he said “There is enough for everybody's need, But not (enough) for everybody's greed."

Ukraine wants to progress towards a better future. However, this progress shouldn't be measured by the amount consumed or that we are able to consume, but by the degree of our satisfaction.   In fact we are all looking for deep internal happiness, no matter how poor or rich we are. We believe that this inner satisfaction we are all looking for is to be found within our hearts.

We are looking for alliances and partnerships with the following people:

Artists, Artist managers, Eventmakers, Management agencies, TV / Radio, Sound producers and other individuals that like our idea.

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Here you can find more information about us: Brief Info , Our Soundcloud presentationPhotos and  Biography, or visit our Booking page which has more videos.

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Thank you very much! We look forward to work with you :-)

Best wishes & Regards

(Kalindi, Yamuna, Andriy, Andriy and Timur)

Manager in Ukraine (main contact):
Maria Kropatnytska, +38097728 80 81, +38093910 99 93
email: Skype: atmasfera.infocentre

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