"Peace for Ukraine" Tour

Chrnihiv, Kyiv, Jovtni Vodi, Kriviy Rih, Vinnitsya, Cherkasy, Zaporizhya.

The recent events in Ukraine worry us deeply and we decided to support the people in our country in any way possible, to unite them, share our warmth and positive music, remind them one more time that we are all similar and that we all wish to live in peace and unity and that language difference does not matter and that each of us wants to love, to be happy and no one wants war. So, right now more than ever we need to unite and hold together.


We believe that people should see the real picture and not what the television is showing them and to do so we need to take concrete action, to make an effort of travelling and talking to people in person, so that they could truly feel real emotions.


The first Peace concerts took place in Poland, where the terrible events on Maydan caught us off guard. We just couldn't sit and watch and decided to host concerts to support Ukraine. We received a lot of support in organising these concerts.


Right now we want to continue these concerts in Ukraine and will go wherever we are able to organise them. We really want to be a strong and united people.


If you have any questions or offers call 0977288081, 0939109993


Detailed information:
- Chernihiv
Concert 6.04, 18:00
Mantra Diving 7.04 18:00


- Kyiv
Mantra Diving 10.04 19:00
'Chakora' yoga art studio, 1/35 Telmana st. 5th floor


Jovti Vodi
Concert 11.04, 18:00
Music school on Komsomola st.


Kriviy Rih
Concert 12.04 18:00
ШELTER+, 28 Armavirskya st.


Concert 13.04 18:00
Rodina Cinema, 47 Kozlitskoho st.
Mantra Diving 14.04 time TBA
Inter Shik, Artinova st.


Concert 26.04 19:00
Kontrabas club
19 Vishnevetskoho st.


Concert 27.04, 18:00 
Titan concert hol str. Victory 37 
Mantra Diving 28.04,18:00 
Titan concert hol str. Victory 37




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