MANTRA DIVING from Atmasfera

Mantra diving - is a way of immersing yourself in something truly positive and real. Today people really need warmth and something that would fill them from inside, help them relax, take off the tension and rediscover the happiness within their hearts. They require something that would truly help them deal with all the concerns that remain after the recent events.

We know a very efficient and simple way that helps soothe, pacify and reclaim the mind. Its the ancient practice of singing mantras, that carry incredibly powerful energy.

Mantras are spiritual sounds, from Sanskrit, that have a divine nature. Man means mind and tra means elevation. Singing and listening to mantras is very therapeutic and effects both mind and heart, helps us realized our inner happiness and harmony regardless of our surroundings.

In our work we use mantras extensively and consider them to be our central element.
For more than 10 years we have implemented mantra practice every day it has had a very positive effect on us and our lives. This method, tested by personal experience never fails to bring positive results, so we would love to share it with others.

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