Launching "Integro", Kyiv 2011

On Feb 10th at the CCA NAU stage in Kiev, fans and music critics alike finally got to hear Integro - the long awaited new album from AtmAsfera. This is their third album, the others being ‘To find’ (2006, art-rock) and ‘Forgotten Love’ (2006, ethno).

Integro was recorded at the White Studio and mixed and mastered by Yuriy Lych. The album is a fine blend of contemporary and world music and was inspired by different music traditions and contains a variety of folk elements from across the globe. Besides Ukrainian and English there are lyrics in ancient languages.

The ideological concept of the album is that of completeness - both internal and external harmony - of giving. A place where people live in loving unity and war and hatred don’t exist.

1. In...
2. Endless Story
3. Another world
4. Whisper
5. Flower and the Wind
6. Kozak
7. Gucul
8. Every step
9. Namaste
1. Whisper
2. Gucul
3. Every Step...

Different colours, but ONE soul
Different countries, but ONE home
Different ideas, but ONE goal
Different feelings, but ONE wish for the hearts of all

here we have some pictures from the concert, more in the gallery

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