Concerts in Poland

At the end of summer AtmAsfera had some concerts at Polish festivals , namely Karpaty OFFer Festival in Novyj Sonch, Szanty nad Zalevem near Warsaw and Muzycza Zohylina in Tatry.

Karpaty OFFer is famous for showing diverse culture and art of citizens of different parts of Carpathians. AtmAsfera fit naturally into the environment of various plays and dances, photo exhibitions, water light shows with fountains, as well as movies about vampires.

Szanty nad Zalewem - party, which received its name from the so-called "Shanty" - the traditional songs of seafarers. The entire festival was decorated with banners of "Jolly Roger" and the audience consisted of shipping sailing fans from all over Poland. At the personal invitation of the organizers of the event «AtmAsfera» acted as a special guest from Ukraine.

«Muzyczna Zohylina» impressed to the very depths of the soul by the great panorama view of Polish and Slovak Tatra mountains. «AtmAsfera» played as a headliner at  fourth day of the festival. According to the organizers, they for 100% achieved a goal fest - to surpass the beauty of majestic mountain by the  beauty of the quality contemporary music. It was so nice to see many friends from  the other local festival - Rozsypaniec in the crowd. We still remember the special taste of traditional dishes in this area - fried sheep's cheese with cranberry jam. If you will be in the Tatra Mountains - must try Smile

You can have a look at some of the pictures from our travels here:

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