AtmAsfera on Soundrive Festival

Our song "Bala" competes for our right to perform at the Polish Fest of independent music and extreme sports Soundrive Festival. We will be very grateful if you will support our desire to play at this Open-Air.

To do this:
1) Go to the
2) in the upper left corner click Zarejestruj się (register)
3) enter your details: Login (username), Haslo (password), Powtorz haslo (repeat password), Email (email address), Powtorz email (repeat email address)
4) In the list Wybierz profil relate yourself to one of three categories - artysta (Artist), fan (fan), show-biz (man from the world of show business)
5) make a mark in the Zaakceptuj warunki (consent to the rules of use)
6) click Zarejestruj mnie (register)
7) after that on your email address specified during registration will be sent a confirmation of your registration on the portal. To complete the registration click the link specified in the letter
8) to continue working on the web site you will need to enter your username and password in the top left corner and click Zaloguj sie (log in)
10) among the list of 28 songs looking for our song "Bala" and press the button Glosuj (vote)
11) Now its done!!!:))
Voting runs from May 2 to June 15
Each registered user on can vote 1 time every day
We are very grateful for every vote!

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