ATMASFERA preparing for the Must Be The Music Poland Semi-Finals

It has been already almost a week since Atmasfera came to Warsaw to prepare for the Must Be The Music (MBTM) Semi-Finals. Frankly, we are a little stressed by this performance but at the same time we are very happy about it Smile

We have some pictures from the preparation of the Atmasfera trailer video for MBTM, please take a look at them.

This Sunday October 23rd, we are performing our song in the Semi-Finals bracket of the MBTM competition, and the performance will be live.

In this Semi-Finals bracket, there will also be seven other performers, and the two of them with the most amount of votes will pass through to the final bracket.

The voting will take place through sms (only during this evening show) and also online through MBTM page on facebook and RMF FM radio website. This online voting gives each group a chance to pass to the finals when there were not enough votes in the sms voting.  

If you would like to vote for us, then please go to the MBTM application on facebook and there you will find our performance video.  Please watch our video until the end, and then the blue icon Glosuj appears; click on Glosuj and your vote counts for us. One person can vote up to 10 times each day.

The voting starts right after the program ends on 10/23 (Sunday evening)  until Friday morning 10/28 (10 am UTC+1). The two performers with the most votes will pass through to the final bracket of the competition.

Thank you so much for your support, our future is in your hands Wink

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