"AtmAsfera” performing at Trypilske Kolo festival 2012!

On June 29 "AtmAsfera" will perform on the big stage at the V International eco-cultural Trypilske Kolo festival 2012!
This year, the visitors of festival can listen to the following bands:

Besides these bands, there will be a traditional fair, performances of folk bands on the Small stage, sport competitions, master classes and many other entertaining events. The festival will have about 30 creative grounds, and include smaller festivals - the festival of ancient drums and harmonic instruments - Archaic Trance Fest,  Festival of fire art - "Circle of Fire.
Strobos Fire Fest", III International Ethnographic Festival "Harvest 2012 - Toloka", literary festival "Trypilske LIT'O". The festival will also host the second International Summer Media School "Conscious Media. Ukraine at the crossroads of cultures"

"Trypilske Kolo" was selected as the image cultural event in the championship EURO2012, so all football fans will be able to watch these matches: on June 28 there will be a broadcast of the semifinal game from Warsaw, and on July 1 - the final from Kyiv.

This festival is free from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

Details about the festival can be found on the official website of TK

Online video (June 28-29-30 18:00 - 24:00 GMT+2)

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