ATMASFERA - На Глибині( In the depth) | Official Video

The Atmasfera band made a true gift for their fans in time for spring, by presenting the new video for the single "In the Depths".

 Тhis new clip perfectly visualizes the idea of not only this single, but the whole output of the band.

"Everything in life changes so quickly that we are unable to understand and adapt to these changes. It's as though we are looking through a window, from the inside of ourselves, watching life going on around us. The desire to pause for a moment, close one's eyes and dive into a different world is very natural." - say the band members, referring to the idea of the new video. The clip is exactly in this mood - calm, but energizing - inducing one to want to stop all inner and external concerns that weaken and destroy us, and instead, find a small part of the world where one can close their eyes and dive deep within. Because every person is a separate world, a whole planet with limitless abilities.

 "Sometimes we lack the words to describe what we feel. The five senses and the intelligence are insufficient. Therefore, there is only one condition and one way after which begins the journey to the inside. Stand still for a moment..." - say the band's lead singers, twin sisters, Kalindi and Yamuna.

 The shooting of the clip "In the Depths" was conducted in Norway, during the band's traditional “Mantra diving” tour in November, as well as in Ukraine in January.


"We thought that the landscapes of Norway will suit this song perfectly, because it's about the state of the person who experiences the immensity and diversity of the world, and who sees and feels that this world is not the only one, that there is an inner world in each and every one of us. We desire and long for this other world, often not even realizing the source of this hankering." - explained the members of the band. "The Nordic beauty and its asperity help to dive within oneself. We continuously felt this amazing condition during our stay in Norway." This magical Nordic country, with its wonderful peaceful beauty has attracted millions of people for ages, despite the cold and remoteness.

Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions and lack of time it was not possible to gather all the necessary footage in Norway, so in January it was decided that there will be additional shooting in Ukraine. The snowy Carpathian mountains and still shots from the sunny Dragobrat area served well in refreshing the clip and adding a note of grandness and epicness.

As usual, the clip is not only multi-instrumental and multi-cultural (the melodious Ukrainian language and the ancient Indian mantras combined perfectly with the mountainous Norwegian scenery), but there is also a multi-cultural cast. The clip was shot by talented camera operators from Poland and Ukraine - Michal Napierzynski, Mariush Margas, Mihail Puzurin and Olexandr Kulik. A good friend of the band, Swede Ruben Lundström, offered perfect technical support and helped in finding suitable locations for shooting in Norway. The director of the clip is Mihail Puzurin. The main role in the video was played by Yuriy Kalishuk from Ukraine, whom the band met during one of their concerts in Kiev.

This combination of talents from around the world gave a powerful synergistic effect. In this way, finally the Ukrainian show business has gained not only a new high-quality video, but also a potent tool for dealing with everyday stress. All you need to do is to simply pause for a moment, listen and feel your own strength and peace, there, In the Depths...

The nearest local concert by the band is planned for March 26th, at the Picasso club in Lviv. The band has also announced the release of a new music album this year.


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