Atmasfera Festival in Poland

Dear friends, we want to invite you to Atmasfera Festival.

Atmasfera Festival is our old dream that we finally dared to realize thanks to our friends.


We always wanted to create and play some another music, music that not exists just for itself, but music that makes consciousness better. You can say this is a so-called eco music where "eco" means something that does not litter, does not destroy but cares and restores instead. This idea transpired on everything we do and encouraged us to look for different ways to change our attitude to the world and people. Change it from consuming to caring about the environment through art.


After heartbreaking positive experience we get great confidence in what we do and as a result was a desire to share it with others by creating an art space called Atmasfera Festival.


The program of the festival is organized so that one could stop, get out of the hustle and take a look at everything from a different perspective. At the fest a variety of practices will be presented that will help to get it. That is a new format of mass action, through which we want to show the world we live in and we welcome you there.


29-31.05 ATMASFERA FESTIVAL Chorzow, Silesian Park |Park Śląski|

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