AtmAsfera in Crimea

This summer turned out to be veeeerrrrry busy!  We had concerts in Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Indonesia, and of course, in Ukraine. We had so many new experiences and many new plans are brewing!

We are now in Crimea Smile Resting from big city life and all the long journeys to our various concerts.  Sunbathing in the warm Crimean sun, swimming in the sea and enjoying the taste of the Crimean fruit. And, from time to time,  we perform at concerts Smile

Here are some photos from our recent performances in Yalta and Alushta

Both concerts were performed in the evening on the seashore.  The sky was full of stars, the waves were crashing on the shore. Many people who came to relax in Crimea from other cities and countries came to our shows. It was very pleasant to see our good friends from Lviv and Kiev in the audience. We were also very lucky to meet interesting new people and, maybe next year we will discover new countries on our tour map Wink

Now we leave the sunny peninsula for a couple of days and go the autumn Mainland: September 29  we have a show in Prague. However, after the concert, we’ll immediately return to Crimea Smile

What’s next?

Touring, holidays, and studio sessions to produce new songs Smile

See you soon!

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