AtmAsfera is completing their new album!

"Internal" is the name of our third studio recorded album, which will be released March 2012. We have been working at it for quite a long time; some of the songs were done even in 2009. These songs are created from all over the world.  We were inspired in Ukraine, Poland, Norway, and even Sweden. During this stage a new guitar player, Misha Puzjurin, joined our band.

The official launch in Ukraine of the album Internal is planned for March or April; in the meanwhile AtmAsfera will already be promoting the album in February in the United Arab Emirates, then in Czech Republic, and in Poland. 

The following are AtmAsfera's words about the album:

Nastya Yaremchuk (flute, voice):

The components of this album are the music, feelings coming from the core of our hearts. It brings a certain message which is difficult to express in words, verbally, it is something more subtle which can be appreciated through feelings. These are the emotions and feelings of being on your own, these are very intimate things that you don't tell anyone about. We named this album Internal inner, because most important things are being born from the heart, they are always with us, but oftentimes we don't hear them.

It is kind of a stylish and emotional border of our art. We can call this album a certain completion of our art epoch in our music. There will be a lot of songs which we created with our friends Sasha Goncharuk and Igor Sas.

The songs from this album sound quite differently, but they are similar in their energy and message. When all these songs were created, we were experimenting a lot, improvising, and we didn't have a goal of creating an album on a certain topic. Music was born on its own; there were a lot of spontaneous things and freedom - there were no time and style limits. We don't say that it is good or bad, it just was like that...Maybe therefore the forms of songs are not standard. There are surprising transitions of mood and harmony;  the songs don't have a distinctive end. It was just time to finish, but we could have continued to improvise nonstop :) Maybe one needs to dive into this music with us and feel it in order to appreciate it...


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