ATMASFERA concert in Almaty


30 august, ATMASFERA will play concert in Hard rock cafe in Almaty.

ATMASFERA in Kazakhstan


Back to Kazakhstan 

✓18 August 22:30 - concert at the FourE Festival (main stage)
✓19 August 23:30 - Mantra Diving at FourE Festival (main stage)
✓20 August - Mantra Diving - interactive show on FourE ( zone of Chintamani yoga and meditation studio )
✓25-27 August - Yoga Retreat with Atmasfera & Chintamani yoga studio at the Kapchagai.

ATMASFERA at Atlas Weekend Festival

27th of June we will play in Kyiv at Atlas Weekend Festival
Admission is free

ATMASFERA at Lviv Yoga Day festival

17-18th of June we invite you to spend 2 sunny days together at Lviv Yoga Day.

ATMASFERA will present a concert and Mantra Diving - congregational mantra singing. Simply by listening to this meditation music and resting your heart and mind in the beautiful mantra chanting, you will find the inner peace and happiness your heart is longing for. These ancient, healing chants help relieve the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

The members of Atmasfera have practiced a healthy lifestyle centered on the ancient spiritual practices of bhakti yoga for many years. They promote this state of consciousness through their music and life to thousands of listeners.

✓ 17th of June 9 pm - concert
✓ 18th of June 8:30 pm - Mantra Diving

Final of the Sziget Festival contest in Kyiv


ATMASFERA in the final stage of the competitive selection for Sziget Europe Stage 2017.

ATMASFERA will play at the Final Sziget Festival contest. It enables us to perform at the final on April 30 in Kiev, where the winner will be chosen!
See you in Kiev!

April 30, beginning at 19:00

Kyiv, Shota Rustavelli 11
Free antry

Thank to everyone for your support :-) 
More information here

Let's spend summer together !

  Here are the dates of some of our performances:
7-8.06 Carpathian Yoga Fest | Україна, Izki (Volovets) 
✓ 10-11.06 Yoga Festivаl | Romania, Cluj-Napoca
✓ 17-18.06 Lviv Yoga Day | Ukraine, Lviv 
✓ 1-2.07 Yoga Festival | Poland, Krakow 
✓ 17-24.08 FORE Festival | Kazakhstan, Almaty

ATMASFERA at the SZIGET Festival contest

Please vote for ATMASFERA and help us win the Sziget Festival contest, which allows to perform on one of the biggest festivals in Europe.

Here is how:
1. Click the link
2. Make sure you are logged in on Facebook.
3. Click red button VOTE (ГОЛОСУВАТИ).
4 Click round button FB

It is our wish to share with the people from around the world, that which is most valuable for us - our music. And now we need your help in this goal.

The voting process closes on April 10th, 2017. The 3 bands that will gather the most votes plus 3 bands chosen by the judges will enter the finals, taking place on April 31st in Kiev. It is then that the winner will be chosen, the band that will go to perform at SZIGET.


ATMASFERA Mantra Diving in Lviv | 23.06


АTMASFERA Mantra Diving in Lviv 
26th of march 7 pm, Picasso club, Zelena str. 88

ATMASFERA - На Глибині( In the depth) | Official Video


The Atmasfera band made a true gift for their fans in time for spring, by presenting the new video for the single "In the Depths".

 Тhis new clip perfectly visualizes the idea of not only this single, but the whole output of the band.

"Everything in life changes so quickly that we are unable to understand and adapt to these changes. It's as though we are looking through a window, from the inside of ourselves, watching life going on around us. The desire to pause for a moment, close one's eyes and dive into a different world is very natural." - say the band members, referring to the idea of the new video. The clip is exactly in this mood - calm, but energizing - inducing one to want to stop all inner and external concerns that weaken and destroy us, and instead, find a small part of the world where one can close their eyes and dive deep within. Because every person is a separate world, a whole planet with limitless abilities.

 "Sometimes we lack the words to describe what we feel. The five senses and the intelligence are insufficient. Therefore, there is only one condition and one way after which begins the journey to the inside. Stand still for a moment..." - say the band's lead singers, twin sisters, Kalindi and Yamuna.

 The shooting of the clip "In the Depths" was conducted in Norway, during the band's traditional “Mantra diving” tour in November, as well as in Ukraine in January.


New video clip In the Depth is coming soon!


Kalindi and Yamuna, the band's vocalists, the song "In the Depth" transmits their inner longing for "a world, in which we are not separated by kilometers of roads, language, skin color. A world, in which there is no place for politics and diplomacy, a world, which exists in each of us, deep inside".

New video clip In the Depth is coming soon!
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