Must be the Folk

Folk, albeit through the back door, does appear sometimes on Polish TV screens. This Sunday, the Ukrainian, but well known here, band called AtmAsfera will have a chance to steal a bit of limelight in the “Must Be The Music” show. Nastya Yaremchuk, Yulya Yaremchuk, Andryi Shadiy, Andriy Cherkasov, Timur Gogitidze, Misha Puziurin – namely AtmAsfera, will perform one of their tracks “Bala” on the Polsat TV, this Sunday on 18th September at 8pm. This will be a 2-minute performance of AtmAsfera, recorded during the casting to the musical show “Must Be The Music”. - “We were told about this show by our friends from Poland. This seems to be the only “talent show” type of programme where a band can perform their own music. We were planning a gig in Poznań (25.06) and it turned out that there was a casting to the MBTM show at the same time. So we went there, we played and the organizers liked us, which was a surprise. We were a bit worried, as after all we are from Ukraine and this is a Polish show, but the truth is that we are not performing there as Ukrainians/Poles, but as musicians who would like to show their music with open hearts and it doesn't matter which country you come from - says Nastya Yaremchuk, AtmAsfera's flautist, sharing her impressions after the recording. - “We met some really nice people, the atmosphere during the recording was just great, everybody was cool with us, both organizers and participants. We even made friends with some” – adds Nastya. After the end of the show the audience will be able to vote for the participants they liked till Friday. To do so you need to go to the application on Facebook, where on the main site you will see the videos with performances. You need to watch the performance till the end until the icon “Vote” (“Głosuj”) shows up. - “If someone likes AtmAsfera’s performance, please vote. We will need all your support as the competition is very strong” – said the band members. We keep our fingers crossed.
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