Gig in Koszalin – Juwenalia 2011


The AtmAsfera gig took place during the summary of Student Culture Weeks and the entry was totally free. On the Kreślarnia club website there was information that the gig was supposed to start at 6pm, however as it turned out, only the summary itself began at this time. A pair of nervous and lisping presenters (very interesting combo, I have to say) nearly bored me to death and I wasn’t the only one, as some of the audience left and came back during the performance itself. The Ukrainians appeared on stage only after 7pm and stayed there for 1.5 hrs. I didn’t really know what to expect of them and what I heard simply blew me away. What energy! What sound! The six piece band composed of: Nastya (vocal, flute), Yulya (vocal, keyboard), Andryi (vocal, mandolin), the second Andryi (bass guitar), Timur (goblet drum) and Misha (guitar) showed me something I have never seen before. It is not a rock with folk elements and neither is it strictly traditional folk. It is a folk culture inspired music, but finding also inspiration in other genres – it is an original musical journey. The presented folk piece was sometimes surprisingly unrestrained to become nearly oneiric at times. There were also very complex pieces, as if King Crimson themselves met the folk band. Beautiful and nice singers drew our attention, both having very pleasant voices. The biggest applause went however to Timur who played breathtaking wonders on his goblet drum, it was truly a jaw-dropping performance. I would never have thought that you could play like that on a … well yes, a drum – he struck it with such a force and feeling that he was losing his hair bands or gloves. Big applause! The band members speak very good Polish so they maintained great contact with the audience. Difficulty of Polish language caused a few slips, but at least they were funny. The audience sat gobsmacked at the beginning, but when Timur invited them to come to the front of the stage they all went like a locust to the dance floor and went crazy. Everybody had fun till the very end and even after the encore they wouldn’t let the band go. The performance was just FANTASTIC and blew everybody away. Those who stayed home should regret doing so. If your town decides to invite them, just go, you have to see them. The ticket prices do not exceed 10 PLN which is nothing for this kind of experience.

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