AtmAsfera came in fourth place at the GBOB

Ukrainian band “AtmAsfera” came in fourth place at the international Super final of “The Global Battle Of The Bands-2007”, which took place December 4 to 6, 2007, in London. First, they successfully underwent the selection process at the Underworld club and then played on stage at the Electric Ballroom, where 15 of the best bands from around the world met to compete at the Super final. They were contenders for the main prize – $100,000 and a world tour.
All the bands in the Super final were lively and gave strong performances, which is why it was not easy for the judges to determine the winner. The audience responded spontaneously to the bright performance of Ukrainian “AtmAsfera”. That evening they received worldwide recognition, although it was not the first time.

The panel of judges, which included Glen Metlock (the guitar player from Sex Pistols); Nick Tesko (The Members/Leningrad Cowboys); Mark Keds (Senseless Things) and Chak Sabo (Natalie Imbruglia, XTC), named “Boys in the Band” (Faeroes) the winners, and “AtmAsfera” was nominated the fourth best among new bands in the world. With this win, “AtmAsfera” repeated the success of the band “TOL” in 2005, and it was also Ukraine’s greatest achievement ever in this competition.

The six winners of «The Global Battle Of the Bands - 2007» were:
  1. Boys in the Band (Faeroes)
  2. Jetstream (USA)
  3. Moja (Japan)
  4. AtmAsfera (Ukraine)
  5. A Key Is A Key (Denmark)
  6. Cliff Clavin (Iceland)
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